Matt Doran is an artist of many talents. 

Listening to his music, you’d be surprised to learn that he’s only 18, as he has the creative talent and sound of a seasoned pro in the music business. Pushing the boundaries of musical genres while continuing to evolve, Doran’s sound is an amalgamation of the best of the alternative rock and pop worlds, with a deep, passionate voice, articulate and relatable songwriting abilities, and a talent for production that puts one in mind of My Chemical Romance, Imagine Dragons, Panic! At The Disco, and Twenty One Pilots. 

The Brooklin, Ontario-based artist’s beginnings come from the strong musical influence and support of his family, in particular his mother Barbara Lynn Doran, also a renowned singer/songwriter in her own right. After taking part in a singing competition at the age of 8, Matt knew instantly that music was the career for him, and his determination was set. More competitions followed, and he was notably a semi-finalist in the 2017 International Songwriting Competitions’s Teen category for his song On The Run. 

While in his high school years, he was introduced to the world of alternative music through the group Twenty One Pilots. Their seamless combination of hip hop, pop, and rock resonated with the young Doran and he began his shift towards the genre, finding potential for boundless creativity with every new influence and seeing a place for a sound that was uniquely his. He formed a band with friends and they immediately began playing school and community events, attracting cheers and new fans wherever they went. 

While his talent on the stage was obvious, Matt would prove to additionally come into his own off the stage. As his substantial songwriting skills developed, he was briefly taken under the wing of famed record producer Murray Daigle, where he learned the ropes of recording, mixing, and producing his own music. From there a whole new world opened up for Matt and he began to spend all of what free time he had in his home studio, creating a number of small releases on YouTube, Spotify, and CDBaby. These include the Valentine's Day Two Love Songs release and three singles, the industrial-pop ballad Until I Descend, the upbeat and energetic Go Natalie, and an exhilarating cover of Ah-Ha’s Take On Me. 

Matt’s upcoming album, Can You Hear Me, his first full-length studio album, is an accumulation of his years of loving and learning from music. The album is mostly produced in collaboration with Murray Daigle, save a few songs Doran worked on solo. Insisting that the album should feel more like a journey from start to finish, Doran has intentionally made Can You Hear Me an eclectic feast for the emotions. Touching on a range of genres from the dark gothic power ballad of Chemicals and the clean, pop vibe of the title track Can You Hear Me, to the upbeat nightclub track S&1WC, Doran proves that his influences and abilities are vast and he has the talent to back it up. 

With a lifetime of opportunity ahead of him, Doran’s already professional-grade abilities in singing, songwriting, and producing show that he’s spending no time hesitating on achieving his goals. As anyone knows, if you have the drive, creativity, and talent, fame will not be far behind. 

And fortunately for Matt Doran, he has all three in spades.